Description: This book is a classic exposition on the programming of computer viruses.

1: Basics of Computer Virus
2: A Simple COM File Infector
3: A Soph. EXE Virus
4: A Simple Boot Sec Virus
5: A Soph Boot Sec Virus
App A: The TIMID Virus src
App B: The INTRUDER Virus src
App C: A Basic Boot Sector
App D:The KIRLOY Virus src
App E:The STEALTH Virus src
App F: The HEX File Loader
AppG: BIOS & DOS Int fns

Despite its usefulness, only one thing can mar this book, the fact that it was written in 1996.
But the Virus basics , the Motive & the mode remains the same!
This book is primarily aimed at beginners with knowledge of C/C++ & some ASM.



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