# Five Point Someone: What Not to Do at IIT

# The Three Mistakes Of my Life

# One Night at The Call Center


Five Point Someone: What Not to Do at IIT
My first reservation when I picked up this book was whether the story and characters would be true to life on an IIT campus. My second reservation (having read a random page from the book) was whether I would be able to remain patient through the casual and colloquial writing style. The book well exceeded my expectations on both fronts. The characterization and writing style turned out to be strengths of the book.

What happens when you put together hundreds of completely different people who only have one thing in common - they have all mindlessly and goallessly topped their way through school to now live together away from their controlled environment for the first time. The sudden realization of mediocrity and the sudden freedom to choose how to live ones life brings out the best and worst in people. Reminiscing about life at IIT is most often about those stories about the bests and worsts of those people. This is one such story.

It is hard to guess if non-IITians would enjoy this book. Though, I can certainly say that all IIT undergrads who lived on campus would find it a thoroughly enjoyable read. The book is a shockingly honest narrative written by a guy with a unique sense of humor that I have come to associate with fellow IITians - cynical, crass, insensitive, asocial, lateral, imaginative, visual. Quick read. Funny plot. Very nostalgic.

The Three Mistakes Of my Life
In late 2000, a young boy in Ahmedabad, Govind, dreamt of owning a business. To accommodate his friends Ish and Omi's passion, they open a cricket shop. However, nothing comes easy in a turbulent city. To realise their goals, they will have to face it all -- religious politics, calamities, unacceptable love and above all, their own mistakes. Will they make it? Can an individual's dreams overcome the nightmares offered by real life? Can we succeed despite a few mistakes? Based on real events, from the bestselling author of Five Point Someone and one night @ the call center, comes another dark, witty tale about modern India, where Chetan Bhagat brings out the ethos and isolation of an entire generation to the fore.

One Night at The Call Center
This is a comedy of romance and crossed lines. Six friends are selling home appliances to the US from a call centre in India. Each one has an issue with love. Call agent Sam works right beside the girl who's just dumped him. He's dating someone he can't stand, just to get over her. Esha is just short of becoming a model. Two inches, to be precise. Vroom wants to change the world. Radikha's trying to manage her mother-in-law, and hold down her job. Tonight is Thanksgiving in America, and customers are queueing up to complain about white goods going wrong. On this night of a thousand phone calls, when life couldn't look more dismal, one unique caller gets on the line. And that call is going to change everything. A romantic comedy of six friends kicking against the system, against their boss, and against each other. Something's got to give ...

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