PDF Password remover:
A nifty utility for removing breaking password protection of any PDF.Decryption is being done instantly. Decrypted file can be opened in any PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader) without any restrictions.

It has worked for me in 100 % cases, i don't know why it isn't working for u.
Anyways the procedure I follow is:
1.open PDF password remover
2.click on "open pdf(s)" & browse & select the book whose encryption you want to break.
3.As soon as u select the pdf & click on "open", "save as" window comes up.
4.Save the PDF with a different name than the original.
You are done.

Website: www.verypdf.com

RAR Password remover:
We find many ebook sites providing links to ebooks compressed & packaged in RAR format & in most of the cases.This is the only tool date that uses Brute force attack to retrieve the RAR archive's password.
Well it may come really handy if you have forgotten rar passwords for your own files, but still faintly remember the initial characters of the passwords, then you may benefit from this tool.
But it may only work for you unless you are lucky enough i.e the password is not strong.
To use this follow the steps:
Step 1: After starting the application select "Brute-force" in the Type Of Attack.
Step 2: Under "Range" Tab select the required options depending on the type of passwords you use.
Step 2: Browse & select the "Encrypted RAR file".
Step 4: In the "Start from" text box, enter the initial characters of the rar file you remember & Start the process.It is generally useful for shorter passwords as greater the password length, greater the time required to crack it.
Well this for only those who have ample time as breaking long rar passwords of even around 10 characters can take a year or even more.So, that is next to impossible.

Caution: Use this rar password recovery tool at your own risk.As it is resource intensive, its use in stronger systems with at least dual core processors & 2 Gb RAM is recommended.Close all other programs while running it otherwise it nay cause system crash.

PDF Compressor: This standalone tool(needs no installation) can be used to compress your PDF files to save some disk space.Degree of Compression may vary depending on the type & quality of PDF.
Another benefit of this freeware utility is that you can decompress or expand any PDF file to its original size for better conversion from PDF to other formats.
Website: http://www.nicepdf.com

PDF Version Converter: A nifty tool for converting PDF file between different versions for compatibility purpose.
Every PDF file is generated or produced according to a specification. This specification has evolved from version 1.0 to version 1.6. Sometimes users are faced with the dilemma that a certain application only recognizes a specific version of PDF file. For example, some journal publishers only accept submission of PDF files of version 1.4 or later, some obsolete Windows applications only read PDF files of version 1.2. Suppose you have a PDF file of version 1.1, what would you like to do? PDF Version Converter is the answer. This freeware utility enables you to convert PDF files between different versions:

PDF version 1.0 (Adobe Acrobat 1.x)
PDF version 1.1 (Adobe Acrobat 2.x)
PDF version 1.2 (Adobe Acrobat 3.x)
PDF version 1.3 (Adobe Acrobat 4.x)
PDF version 1.4 (Adobe Acrobat 5.x)
PDF version 1.5 (Adobe Acrobat 6.x)
PDF version 1.6 (Adobe Acrobat 7.x)
PDF version 1.7 (Adobe Acrobat 8.x)

You may notice that the actual file size of the generated PDF file after conversion is a little different from the original, simply because different PDF specifications differ in structuring and organizing the objects in a PDF file.
Website: http://www.nicepdf.com

PDFCreator: PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer in Word, StarCalc or any other Windows application.
Very simple, free & easy to use.
Website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/

Adobe Acrobat Professional
The ultimate editing software for all kinds of PDF files.

* Unify a wide range of content in a PDF Portfolio
Combine documents, drawings, e-mail, and spreadsheets in a single compressed PDF
Portfolio. Use professionally designed templates that can be branded with your logo and include descriptions to guide recipients through the contents.
* Help protect your documents
Use passwords to help control access to PDF documents. Use permissions to restrict printing, copying, or altering. Save passwords and permissions as security policies that can be easily applied to new PDF files.
* Easily create and manage electronic forms
Convert Microsoft Word and Excel documents or scanned paper to PDF forms with automatic recognition of fillable fields. Use Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer software — a professional form design tool — to create, customize, and automate dynamic XML forms. Use the Form Tracker to see when forms have been completed and who has completed them. Easily export data to a spreadsheet for analysis and reporting.
* Manage and track electronic document reviews
Gain the input you need through interactive document reviews that enable participants to see and build on other reviewers' comments, which can be sorted by author, date, or page. Use the Form Tracker to monitor progress and participation.
* Include Adobe Reader users
Enable users of free Adobe Reader® software (version 8 or later) to digitally sign documents, participate in shared document reviews, and save forms locally. By extending Adobe Acrobat® functionality to Reader users, you can enable virtually anyone to participate in the workflows you initiate.

* Synchronize document views
Help colleagues, clients, and partners get on the same page at the same time with the ability to co-navigate documents. To provide clarity and enhance discussion, use Acrobat.com services to enable collaboration on a PDF file. Then distribute the PDF file and walk recipients through it in real time by controlling the page view they see.
* Permanently remove sensitive information
Use redaction tools to black out sensitive text, illustrations, or other information, permanently deleting the content from the PDF document. Inspect PDF documents for metadata, hidden layers, and other concealed information to remove before distributing the files to others.
* Compare PDF documents
Automatically highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF document,
including text and images, so you can quickly and easily identify what has changed.
* Improve print processes
Help control costs and reduce errors with automated output controls to preview,
preflight, correct, and prepare PDF files for high-end print production and digital
* Create and validate accessible PDF documents
Ensure your PDF documents are optimized for people with disabilities. Create accessible PDF documents from almost any source to help comply with standards. Quickly evaluate, correct, and automatically tag PDF documents for optimized accessibility and reflow.

Website: www.adobe.com

CD Catalog Expert
A tiny Windows application, designed to organize and maintain a catalog of your computer media collection, including CD-ROMs, harddrives, audio CDs, MP3s, removable disks.
Organize any kind of media files in a few clicks. Also has a search feature through which you can locate a specific file through your entire collection of CD, DVD or hard drives.
Website: http://www.zero2000.com/cd-catalog-expert/


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