Description: The book Multiple Choice Questions for Electronics and Communication Engineering -- Authored by Raj Kumar Kanodia RK Kanodia is intended to provide the aspirants of GATE/IAS/IES the set of problems which will enrich their preparation for the exam.

The book is categorized into units which are then sub-divided into chapters and the concepts are addressed in detail before the exercises. The aim of the book is to provide a planned way to success for any competive exam, espcially GATE-ECE. Again time is a critical factor both in competive exams preparation. So the problem solving methods in the book are those which take the least time to the solution. But however to make a comment that this book is absolute for GATE preparation will be an inappropriate one. But for a wide collection of problems, for a variety of problems and the efficient way of solving them, what one needs to go through is there in the book. Each unit (e.g. Networks) is subdivided into average seven number of chapters on an average each of which contains 45 problems which are selected so as to avoid unnecessary redundancy and highly needed completeness.

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