Phobia Feared Object or Situation
Acrophobia Heights
Aerophobia Flying
Agoraphobia Open spaces, public places
Aichmophobia Sharp pointed objects
Ailurophobia Cats
Amaxophobia Vehicles, driving
Anthropophobia People
Aquaphobia Water
Arachnephobia Spiders
Astraphobia Lightning
Batrachophobia Frogs, amphibians
Blennophobia Slime
Brontophobia Thunder
Carcinophobia Cancer
Claustrophobia Closed spaces, confinement
Clinophobia Going to bed
Cynophobia Dogs
Dementophobia Insanity
Dromophobia Crossing streets
Emetophobia Vomiting
Entomophobia Insects
Genophobia Sex
Gephyrophobia Crossing bridges
Hematophobia Blood
Herpetophobia Reptiles
Homilophobia Sermons
Linonophobia String
Monophobia Being alone
Musophobia Mice
Mysophobia Dirt and germs
Nudophobia Nudity
Numerophobia Numbers
Nyctophobia Darkness, night
Ochlophobia Crowds
Ophidiophobia Snakes
Ornithophobia Birds
Phasmophobia Ghosts
Phobophobia Phobias
Pnigophobia Choking
Pogonophobia Beards
Pyrophobia Fire
Siderodromophobia Trains
Taphephobia Being buried alive
Thanatophobia Death
Trichophobia Hair
Triskaidekaphobia The number 13
Trypanophobia Injections
Xenophobia Strangers
Zoophobia Animals


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