DRDO SET Test tips

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Description: DRDO SET is conducted on all India basis on 1st Sunday of September every year in order to provide equal opportunity to all students from different educational institutions in view of the increasingly wide variation of marks due to increase in the number of educational institutions in the country. DRDO SET exam is of three hours duration consisting of two sections viz. Section 'A' of 100 questions to test the candidate's knowledge in the subject of their BE/ BTech (for Engg discipline) or MSc ( for Science Discipline) and Section 'B' of 50 questions to test the candidate's ability in analytical and qualitative skills, current affairs and general awareness to test the aptitude and scientific knowledge required for Applied Research & Development. Based upon the organization's requirements, DRDO SET is conducted in Engineering Subjects such as Aero, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Computer, Electronics/Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation, Mechanical, Metallurgy etc and Science subjects such as Chemistry, Physics and Maths/ Operations Research/ Statistics etc. These subjects are specified in the advertisement. DRDO SET exam is conducted only for those subjects where vacancies are sizable in number. Details of eligible candidates, examination schedule, result of the exam, schedule of interviews and list of selected candidates are made available time to time on DRDO website.

Official website: http://rac.in

Test tips:(Courtesy: Orkut.com, experience of sucessful candidate Sreeramamurthy)
Practice lot.................for getting good marks
because small difference you may get or not
but don't disappoint with this exam..............
you need practice only

i am also qualified in second time

First you need good command in the subjects is mandatory
but practice very important

last time i done this mistake

My main suggestion and Experience to prepare

1. books you follow standard books from that your B.Tech course

2. plan perfectly and at same time strictly follow the your plan
(Lot of peoples mistaken here even i was done last time)


3. Keep Two/Three tracks in your daily preparation

My self I done and strongly recommend like this

First two track( i prepared lly 1. and 2.)
1. Signals and Systems -->Control Systems --> Comm.System (Principles)
2. Digital Circuits (Boolean Algebra --> Gates --> Combinational Ckts --> Sequential Ckts--> Microprocessor)

Second track (lly 3. and 4. after First two tracks)
3. Networks-->Electronics Devices-->Analog Ckts--> Comm.Systems (Receiver Ckts)
4.EMT (Elecro Statics ---> Maxwell Eqn--> Transmission Lines --> Basic dipole antenna)

A. Take lot of time to prepare signals and system in 1.Track (You should be very strong in this)
B. Enjoy the Digital Ckt any where even in Railway station but Microprocessor prepare very
less at this movement but just before exam prepare lot because you need to memorize
C. Read good literature about Electronics Devices
D. You need basic in Elecro Statics,and practice in Maxwell eqn and Transmission lines


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