Description:Following are some excerpts from a few success stories.For info and tips on the objective test read this post.

Interview Tips:(From DRDO qualifiers-
board consists of highly qualified , learned scientists but they all are very cordial and helpful... they always make us feel comfortable..... interview is bit lengthy and strenuous....and can be divided in to many sub stages---

Stage 1:

Pure technical..... u need to know all the basics related to your subject.... u have to show your metal and neck for research work... show all your projects.. and interns... if they are research oriented then it can be best thing..... and be specialist of at least two subjects of your course and over all basic knowledge of entire field......

Stage 2

bit extra stage;

here they ask some what out of course but common technical questions which we all come across daily but still not very good at- for CSE/ ECE it can be fuzzy logic, it implementation by sw/hw, it applications -- for person of microbiology it can be application of genetic computation and its future prospects, neuroinformatics, quantum computing ....... some common technical things that is expected from every future scientist like-- working of microwave oven, CRT Tube, IC engine (4stages), electric motor etc.. common day to day questions....

Stage 3
Here they check our fundamentals of pure science.. like knowledge of basic Physics.. kepler's laws, newton's laws, value of Fermi, angstrom ( in my interview), escape velocity( in my case) etc etc..... all very basics...... how do elephants communicate ( coz one of my proj was based on application of sensor networks and mobile communication with GPS for tracking wild animals) and etc...etc

Stage 4
Show your Patriotism, do your home work, know about most of the labs of DRDO, which lab u prefer to join, why DRDO only.... why not ISRO etc........ etc.....

* they also stress of practical application and the expenditure of the projects u have done.. nad u should know all these aspects of all your work and other similar research activities going in your surrounding/institute etc.....

* Be honest and if u are not able to answer the question asked by board tell them that you can't ans rather than making fool to board.They ask basic question so nothing is for bothering.Prepare well any two subject from ur engg. subjects.Don't try to make fool the board ,it will put negative impression on board on ur behalf.


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