Description: The title says it all. If you're looking to learn the basics of CSS and how to apply it to Web pages, this book will help you master CSS in 24 hours.

* 24 chapters representing each hour of work. Each chapter includes study questions
* The first four chapters teach the basics of CSS and how to use it in Web design.
* The second section explains the basics of CSS - how the syntax works and some rules.
* Section three goes into detail about text, backgrounds, lists, ahd forms.
* The fourth section covers layout including alignment, positioning, boxes and tables.
* The last section goes into some advanced topics like accessibility and hacks.
* There is an appendix that deals with how to replace presentation HTML with CSS.
* And another appendix has a glossary of terms.
* Online is bonus content covering CSS and JavaScript and CSS and XML.


* Good overview of CSS from CSS 1 through 3
* Broken up into manageable chunks
* Covers lots of topics within CSS


* Some of the chapters are a little too simplified
* No color examples



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