Description: If you want to get up to speed with HTML 4 quickly, Sams Teach Yourself HTML 4 in 24 Hours is a great way to achieve your ambitious goal. This title sheds all extraneous material and presents a complete HTML 4 tutorial in 24 hour-long lessons.

The first four hours of study serve to bring you up to speed with a basic understanding of the Web's architecture--even if you are entirely new to Web-page design. The author introduces you to Web pages, shows you how to look at the source of any page on the Web, and explains how to publish to a Web server.

The book moves on with four chapters on presenting Web-page text and four more on implementing graphics. After laying an HTML foundation, the author discusses general Web-page design issues and introduces you to multimedia components and even Dynamic HTML--a rather advanced topic. The tutorial wraps up with chapters on presenting, managing, and promoting your Web site and offers you a peek into the future of HTML.

Throughout this book, generous language-reference tables and screen shots, as well as exercises, chapter summaries, and review questions help you gauge your knowledge. This well-organized introduction impressively demystifies Web design.



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