Description: Students preparing for Information Technology Certification Exams trust Kaplan IT Learning for superior study tools developed by subject matter experts. This Certification Exam Preparation Guide is objective-driven and contains a variety of tools to help certification exam candidates focus their study efforts.

This preparation guide contains these structured sections to help students prepare for the exam:

Scope - identifies the learning objectives for each section

Focused Explanation
- provides definitions, in-depth discussions, and examples

Review Checklist - highlights the key learning points at the end of each major section

Additional sections are located at the end of the book:

Test Taking Strategies
- including how to register for the live exam, and test day strategies for taking the live exam

General Tips
- arriving at the testing center and last minute review advice

Explanation of Test Item Types
- specific advice for answering item types, such as multiple choice or drag-and-drop item types

This preparation guide includes an authorization code to download a certification practice exam provided by Transcender:

Designed to maximize a student's score.

Exposes the student to a realistic exam experience.

Diagnostic score reporting by objective to help students focus on areas of weakness.

Detailed answer explanations clarify not only why the right answer is right, but why the distracters are not correct.

Guidance directing the student to additional resources if they need it.



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