Description: Previous year UPSC papers for Indian Engineering Services for Civil Engineering available for free direct download. Only objective papers are available, so if you find the conventional papers, please post the links in comments.
N.B.: If there is a bandwidth error while downloading please try sometime later as the host may be busy due to heavy traffic.Use mirror in this case.

Obj-Civil Engineering-2000 Paper-I
Obj-Civi lEngineering-2000 Paper-II
Obj-Civil Engineering-2001 Paper-I
Obj-Civil Engineering-2001 Paper-II
Obj-Civil Engineering-2002 Paper-I
Obj-Civil Engineering-2002 Paper-II
Obj-Civil Engineering-2003 Paper-I
Obj-Civil Engineering-2003 Paper-II
Obj-Civil Engineering-2004 Paper-I
Obj-Civil Engineering-2004 Paper-II
Obj-Civil Engineering-2005 Paper-I
Obj-Civil Engineering-2005 Paper-II
Obj-Civil Engineering-2006 Paper-I
Obj-Civil Engineering-2007 Paper-I
Obj-Civil Engineering-2007 Paper-II
Obj-Civil Engineering-2008 Paper-I
Obj-Civil Engineering-2008 Paper-II
Obj-General Ability-2008 Paper-I

Download all in one(zip) [Mirror]


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    plz send all the IES papers on my ID.

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