Description:  Format: PDF | Author  :  Meg Cabot

Nikki Howard has the life most girls only dream of—she is a drop-dead gorgeous supermodel living it up in one of Manhattan's most luxurious buildings while partying with the super-famous, the beautiful, and the mega-rich. However, it isn't actually Nikki Howard who's enjoying it all. Emerson Watts's brain is in her body due to an accident that left the real Nikki brain dead and Em suffering a fatal accident at the Stark Megastore for which Nikki is the advertising face. Stark employs surgeons to perform a risky and expensive brain transplant on Em, and she must continue working for Stark Enterprises or her family will lose everything. Worst of all, she can't even tell her best friend and longtime crush Christopher who she really is. In this book, Nikki's brother turns up asking for his sister's help in finding their mysteriously missing mother, and Em realizes that there is a very dangerous side to Stark Enterprises. Em's narrative emphasizes the contrast between an ordinary teen and the high-stakes life of fame; she must reconcile a genuine longing for her best friend with the exuberance of over-the-top romantic gestures. Teens will relate to her down-to-earth self-deprecating humor and look forward to the next installment in Em/Nikki's life.

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