Description: Designed for the final year undergraduate or the first year postgraduate students in electronics and communication engineering and allied subjects, this compact and comprehensive text is intended to fulfil the long-felt need for a suitable textbook in the area of telecommunication switching systems and networks. The text covers, in a single volume, both switching systems and telecommuni-cations networks. The book gives a detailed discussion on topics such as fibre optic communication systems and networks, time division switching systems, data networks, ISDN, and voice data integration schemes. A distinguishing feature of the text is the comprehensive coverage of all aspects of telecommunication engineering. The book should therefore prove to be an invaluable asset to both practising telecommunication professionals and students.

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  1. Anonymous // Feb 19, 2013, 5:07:00 PM  

    thanks...could not find this pdf anywhere...
    looks like last few pages are missing

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