Well, while getting started with MATLAB and Simulink, students often face the problem on how to start or where to start from.The books posted here would hopefully enlighten their insight into this indispensable tool for Engineers and Scientists.

  • MATLAB Programming for Engineers - Stephen J Chapman.pdf
  • Basics of MATLAB and Beyond - Andrew Knight.pdf
  • A Guide to MATLAB for Beginners and Experienced Users - Hunt Lipsman & Rosenberg.pdf
  • Introduction to Simulink with Engineering Applications - Steven T. Karris.pdf
  • Introduction to MATLAB - Sikander M. Mirza.pdf

  • MATLAB Primer (7th Ed) - Timothy A. Davis & Kermit Sigmon.pdf

  • MATLAB Guide - Desmond J. Higham & Nicholas J. Higham.djvu

  • MathWorks Documentation - MATLAB V7 Introductory and Programming.pdf

  • MathWorks Documentation - MATLAB V7 Function References.pdf

  • Graphics and GUIs with MATLAB - Patrick Marchand and O. Thomas Holland .pdf

  • MATLAB Programming - David Kuncicky.pdf


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