Description: Are you "proud" to admit that you never liked math? Were never good in math? Are you struggling to pique your students' interest in math? Are you bored by the routine, mechanical aspects of teaching to the test in mathematics? This book offers a plethora of ideas to enrich your instruction and helps you to explore the intrinsic beauty of math. Through dozens of examples from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and probability, Alfred S. Posamentier reveals the amazing symmetries, patterns, processes, paradoxes, and surprises that await students and teachers who look beyond the rote to discover wonders that have fascinated generations of great thinkers. Using the guided examples, help students explore the many marvels of math, including

* The Amazing Number 1,089. Follow the instructions to reverse three-digit numbers, subtract them, and continue until everyone winds up with . . . 1,089! * The Pigeonhole Principle. All students know that guesstimating works sometimes, but now they can use this strategy to solve problems. * The Beautiful Magic Square. Challenge students to create their own magic squares and then discover the properties of Dürer's Magic Square.

The author presents examples to entice students (and teachers) to study mathematics-to make mathematics a popular subject, not one to dread or avoid.

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