Description: Author: Robin J. Wilson | Publisher: Addison Wesley | Format: Djvu | Number Of Pages: 184

This author has a charming writing style, although he suffers from a mathematician’s sense of humor. A light introduction to graph theory, suitable for a beginning undergraduate student. Nothing is covered particularly in-depth, and the more difficult proofs are passed over and left to the reader to find and master. The exercises are very important–many of the most important theorems are hidden in there. This text is suitable for independent study, although an advisor would be helpful simply because the theorems hidden in the exercises make you want to have your homework checked.

A further note on proofs: many of those that the author does include are constructionist, and seem to involve a lot of hand-waving. There are very few rigorous proofs, and a teacher using this book should instruct his or her students in the more formal approach to graph theory proofs. This text could benefit from including more.

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