Description: Authors: A. Saha, N. Manna | Publisher: Infinity Science Press | 492 pages | PDF | Size: 8 MB

This text/reference provides students and practicing engineers with an introduction to the classical methods of designing electrical circuits, but incorporates modern logic design techniques used in the latest microprocessors, microcontrollers, microcomputers, and various LSI components. The book provides a review of the classical methods e.g., the basic concepts of Boolean algebra, combinational logic and sequential logic procedures, before engaging in the practical design approach and the use of computer-aided tools. The book is enriched with numerous examples (and their solutions), over 500 illustrations, and includes a CD-ROM with simulations, additional figures, and third party software to illustrate the concepts discussed in the book.

* Designed as a text/reference to provide students and practicing engineers with information on both classical methods and modern industry applications.
* Modern applications are discussed in detail, including Karnaugh maps, PLD notation (PAL, PLA, FPGA) and more.
* Covers fundamental topics as Boolean algebra, logic gates, flip-flops, minimization, etc.

BRIEF TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Data & Number Systems. 2. Codes and Conversions. 3. Boolean Algebra & Logic Gates. 4. Simplification of Boolean Functions. 5. Combinational Logic Circuits. 6. Programmable Logic Devices. 7. Sequential Logic Circuits. 8. Registries. 9. Counters. 10. A/D and D/A Conversion. 11. Logic Families. Appendix. Glossary.

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