Description: Students planning to take the Graduate Record Exam will find six full-length model tests with answers and explanations in this up-to-date manual. They will also find intensive test topic reviews covering antonym questions, analogy questions, sentence completion, reading comprehension, vocabulary, analytical writing, quantitative comparison, data interpretation, and math. A 3,500-word master vocabulary list with definitions is supplemented with a GRE high-frequency word list. The CD-ROM enclosed with the book offers a computer-adaptive model GRE test that is similar in structure to the actual GRE test. All questions on the CD-ROM are answered and explained, and exam results are scored automatically.

Useful tips for using Barron's:

  • Read and understand the overview of the test
  • Devise your personal study plan to strengthen your weak areas
  • Use this book’s subject reviews to improve your skills in all test topics
  • Take the practice tests on the CD-ROM and check your score after taking each test
  • Review the answers and explanations for all test questions

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