Description: The Definitive Resource on VB.NET

Take full advantage of all the new features of Visual Basic .NET with help from this comprehensive resource. Inside, you'll find in-depth information on the new object-oriented capabilities of Visual Basic .NET and details on the core language, including grammar, control-flow, operators, value-types, classes, interfaces, data structures and collections, delegates, GUI components, threading, and debugging. You'll refer to the extensive details inside this all-inclusive volume regularly as you program with Visual Basic .NET.
*Program against the .NET Framework's common language runtime and managed-execution environment
*Build value types and enumerators for industrial-strength code
*Design and implement class hierarchies with inheritance
*Use interfaces for sophisticated algorithms
*Program with Structured Exception Handling (SEH) to create stable applications
*Implement and deploy arrays, linked lists, trees, and other collections
*Use delegates and proven software industry patterns to create highly reusable and adaptable code
*Program against the .NET event and thread models
*Build enterprise business objects and easy-to-maintain flyweight user interfaces
*Learn how COM and .NET objects interoperate



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