Description: The Definitive Resource on UNIX.

Master UNIX--including Linux, HP-UX, UnixWare, and Solaris--using the in-depth insight offered in this authoritative reference. Written by experts at AT&T Labs, UNIX's birthplace, UNIX: The Complete Reference provides a detailed discussion of system and network administration, application development, and UNIX/NT integration. You'll get step-by-step instructions on how to begin using UNIX, how to install and configure UNIX on your PC, and how to use the tools and utilities that make UNIX so useful. Whether you are new to UNIX or an experienced user wanting to expand your expertise, UNIX: The Complete Reference is your one-stop resource for all you need to know about UNIX.
Inside, you'll find out how to:

  • Master UNIX commands and UNIX graphical user interfaces including: CDE, KDE, and Enlightenment
  • Connect to the Internet and send cross-platform e-mail
  • Use a Web browser and create Web pages
  • Administer UNIX Systems, including Linux, HP-UX, and Solaris
  • Integrate UNIX and Windows
  • Connect your computer to servers and networks
  • Set up and configure your Web server using Apache
  • Develop applications with shell programming, awk, Perl, Tcl, C++, and Java
  • Protect your system to achieve optimal security



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