Description: Maximize all the capabilities of Sun Microsystems' FREE, innovative, and powerful UNIX-based operating system with help from this authoritative guide. Get full details on installation, process and device management, access control and security, networking, services, directories, and applications. You'll learn to take advantage of the new features available in Solaris 10, including the rewritten TCP/IP stack, the enhanced cryptographic framework, cross-platform optimization, Linux interoperability, and much more. Whether you're new to Solaris or migrating from Linux or Windows, you'll need this comprehensive resource.

  • Install and run Solaris 10 on UltraSPARC or Intel systems
  • Manage files, directories, and processes, and use shell commands
  • Set up user- and role-based access control
  • Use the Solaris Management Console (SMC) to manage users and groups
  • Configure devices and file systems
  • Implement efficient backup and recovery services
  • Enable system logging, monitoring, accounting, and tuning
  • Configure DHCP, firewalls, and remote access
  • Work with DNS, NIS/NIS+, and LDAP
  • Enable shared file systems and printers using Samba and/or NFS
  • Use Sun Java System Application Server and Apache HTTP Server



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