Description: Kalam's life portrays, what zest for life is all about.

His Humble beginnings, hard work, persistance, and above all a passion for life and all things that are possible in it, are all well described in the book.

Being an autobiography of Kalam, the book invariably stands as a biography of Indian space science as well. Very lucid accounts of the several interesting projects such as SLV3, Agni and all, gives great insight into all aspects of science and space research in a developing country.

The book is very well laid out into different phases of his life.

After reading the book, It makes you feel that you know the man more intimately, His humility strikes you down.

A very refreshing book , from a refreshing person, giving a glimpse of what the power of positive thinking can help you do, given the shortcomings of the beaurocracy in a country such as India.

Beating all odds, the man reached out to the stars, and has become one.

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