Description: The two first chapters contain the basics on Tree Automata theory for finite ordered ranked trees. Chapter 3 shows connections between Logic and Tree Automata. Chapter 4 presents Automata with Constraints. Chapter 5 presents Automata for Sets of Tree Languages. Chapter 6 gives the basics on Tree Transducers. Chapter 7 presents Alternating Tree Automata. Chapter 8 is about automata for unranked trees.

* Contents of the chapters
o Chapter 1 - Recognizable Tree Languages and Finite Tree Automata:
o Chapter 2 - Regular Grammars and Regular Expressions
o Chapter 3 - Logic, Automata and Relations
o Chapter 4 - Automata with Constraints
o Chapter 5 - Tree Set Automata
o Chapter 6 - Tree Transducers
o Chapter 7 - Alternating Tree Automata
o Chapter 8 - Automata for Unranked Trees



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