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# The Windmills of the Gods

# Bloodline

# Morning, Noon and Night

# The Sky is Falling

# The Doomsday Conspiracy

# Memories of Midnight

# The Other Side of Midnight

The Naked Face
Description: This is one of Sidney Sheldon's early works. Written in the 80's, there is some language that is a bit dated. For example, the phrase "he was a big mother." Okay, haven't heard that phrase in a long while.

Judd Stevens is a psychoanalyst. The people he sees are very disturbed with the exception of one patient, Anne, who won't get to the bottom of her problems. In the opening of the book, one of his patients leaves his office wearing Judd's raincoat and gets stabbed in the back. Shortly after that, his secretary is murdered in his office after hours. The homicide detective assigned to the case believes that Judd is actually guilty of the murders and begins to try to slant the evidence against Judd.

Though this is dated and not one of Sheldon's best works, it is very suspenseful and held my attention to the bitter end. It was a satisfying read and, though not necessarily a keeper, it was worth the time. Sidney Sheldon's writing improved dramatically over the years after this book was first written

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The Windmills of the Gods
Description: During the Cold War, the President of the United States asks college professor and Mrs. Average America Mary Ashley to fill the very important post of Ambassador to Romania. She is flattered, but declines because her husband's job requires him to stay in Kansas. Before you can say "Conspiracy!" the husband has a fatal accident and Mary is off to Bucharest, where the staff are scary, her office is bugged, and her assistant, smart aleck Mike Slade, just may be trying to kill her.

This story is a bit of a departure for Sidney Sheldon, who usually writes romantic thrillers about spunky, single young women. Mary Ashley is brave, but definitely from the Donna Reed School for Wives and she has two (perfect) kids, to boot. The character I liked best was the enigmatic master assassin, Angel, who has killed some of the world's most influential people, and now find Mary Ashley on his to-do list. The ever-smirking Mike Slade is a fun and likeable character. You'll learn a lot about diplomatic protocol in this tidy little political thriller.

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Description: Another Sheldon's master piece, I would dare say. Its got
everything you would look for in a crime, fiction book. Hard,
excitement, love, sex, death, family, trust, money, beauty...
I just simply recommend to everyone who reads my comment because
if you like Sheldon just like I do, then you wont be able to resist it.
With Sheldon's slow start and detailed characters,
you get to know them inside out. They feel as though they are
real, things happen as they are happening right now.
Then you know whats gonna happen. Murder and death.. love and sex..
Someone who tries to solve this and there always someone who tries
to hide something.
And then massive twist in the end.. As you always expect from

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Morning, Noon and Night
Description: Harry Stanford is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and his family one of the most respected in America. When he mysteriously drowns while cruising on his yacht, things begin to change. Is the beautiful young woman who appears at the funeral really who she claims to be, or is she an imposter?

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The Sky is Falling
Description: Dana Evans, who made her first appearance in Sidney Sheldon's The Best Laid Plans, is a spunky, good-looking, young Washington TV journalist who has recently returned to the nation's capital from the Balkans, where she adopted a handicapped war orphan who is having trouble adjusting to life in America. But that doesn't keep Dana from following a story all over the world, from Washington to Aspen, Nice, Juneau, Dusseldorf, Rome, Brussels, Moscow and Siberia. Each of these brief visits is like a postcard--a local landmark or two, an interesting local restaurant (at least in the European venues) and another piece of the puzzle, which has to do with why every member of a venerable, old Washington dynasty has died a violent death in the last year. It seems strange that in a media-savvy city like Washington, no one but Dana has noticed there is a pattern in the rapid extinction of the Winthrops or even whispered the words family vendetta. But that's why pretty, young girl TV reporters were invented, at least by Sheldon.

As Dana sets out to investigate the distinguished career of the Winthrop family patriarch, her lover Jeff, a sports anchor at her station, is called away to administer aid and succour to his former wife, a beautiful model who has realised, too little and too late, that she never should have dumped him. And Kemal, the 12-year-old orphan, is being drugged by his baby-sitter, who is in cahoots with at least one set of bad guys. Dana hasn't noticed how tractable the temperamental boy has become recently because she's been dressing up like a two-bit Russian tramp to infiltrate a secret weapons base in Siberia... Do you hear the words movie locations? But all's well that ends well, as it usually does for Sheldon's heroines, and in the meantime you've learned where the five-star hotels are and what to order in a famous restaurant in Rome. A slick, commercial, slightly thin tale told by a craftsman of the genre.

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The Doomsday Conspiracy

Description A few pages into this book and readers will realise that it is based more than loosely on a famous historic incident. Once the reader knows this one can almost predict the end.
The story is entertaining, and easy to read, but if you already know the story it is based on there are no supprises.
The interesting thing about this book is that it gives a list of people involved in the original incident along with the way's the people involved met their end - It gives food for thought and even the most doubting reader will be made to reconsider their views on the matter.

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Memories of Midnight
Description This novel continues the exciting story begun in Sheldon's "The Other Side of Midnight." In that novel, mega-rich Constantin Demiris manipulated the Greek court to have his mistress, Noelle, and her lover, Larry, executed for the murder of Larry's wife. No body was ever found, and in fact, she was alive and well, under the watchful eyes of Demiris.

"Memories of Midnight" begins as amnesiac Catherine starts remembering the fact that her husband was killed for her supposed "murder." This could prove dangerous to Demiris, who sends her to London to work for him. Meanwhile, back in Greece, all the people who know that Catherine is still alive are systematically killed, and, just as Catherine finds a new love, someone is sent to kill her.

This is that rare sequel that is actually better than the wonderful original novel. The plot twists and turns and keeps you on the edge of your seat, as you watch puppetmaster Demiris eliminate all who stand in his way. The ending is so unexpected and so shocking, you will be breathless, and very glad you read "Memories of Midnight."

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The Other Side of Midnight

Description Beautiful but poor Parisiene Noelle Page falls madly in love with American flyer Larry Douglas during WWII. When she becomes pregnant, he deserts her, thus setting her on a path of revenge that consumes her very being. Ruthlessly driven, she becomes a supermodel, movie star, and finally, as mistress to mega-rich Constantin Demeris, Noelle is reunited with Larry. Will she make him pay for what he did to her... or will she fall under his spell again?

Noelle, Larry, and his innocent wife, Catherine, are such fascinating, memorable characters that you won't want to stop reading until you find out what happens to them next. The story takes us from a poor French fishing village to Paris, then Hollywood and Athens, and the excitement keeps building and building as Noelle comes closer to tying up lose ends with the dastardly Larry, who proves to be her match when it comes to plotting evil. But don't underestimate Noelle's lover, Demeris, who will use all of his resources to get what he wants.

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