Author: Neil H. E. Weste, Kamran Eshraghian

The book deals the technology down to the layout level of detail, thereby providing a bridge from a circuit to a form that may be fabricated. The early chapters provide a circuit view of the CMOS IC design, the middle chapters cover a sub-system view of CMOS VLSI, and the final section illustrates these techniques through the use of a case study. This capstone section ties together the preceding chapters and gives the student a feel for real-world design.


Updates all the technology sections to sub-micron CMOS, technology that has played an increasingly important part in the integrated circuit industry. Emphasizes semi-custom and other design approaches. Expands the subsystem section to include more building blocks. Provides an introductory section to familiarize the reader with the terminology and some important building blocks. Covers performance estimation in detail.Addresses the growing need designers to produce a VLSI product correctly and within a specified time frame and budget. Expanded section on testing.

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