Author: Kanglin Li, Mengqi Wu

Software test engineers: here is the first book to teach you how to build and use a fully automated GUI testing tool. Simply feed the GUI component under test, get the results, and fix the bugs. While the book's examples are written in C#, you can use your preferred language for developing the testing tool and download the complete tool from The sole book that covers GUI test automation using CodeDom, Reflection, and data stores, here is a perfect complement to Kanglin Lee's previous book from Sybex--Effective Software Test Automation.

This book presents a sensible and highly effective alternative: it teaches you to build and use your own truly automated tool. The procedure you'll learn is suitable for virtually any development environment, and the tool allows you to store your test data and verification standard separately, so you can build it once and use it for other GUIs. Most, if not all, of your work can be done without test scripts, because the tool itself can easily be made to conduct an automatic GUI survey, collect test data, and generate test cases. You’ll spend virtually none of your time playing with the tool or application under test.

Code-intensive examples support all of the book's instruction, which includes these key topics:

* Building a C# API text viewer

* Building a test monkey

* Developing an XML viewer using xPath and other XML-related classes

* Building complex, serializable classes for GUI test verification

* Automatically testing executable GUI applications and user-defined GUI controls

* Testing managed (.NET) and unmanaged GUI applications

* Automatically testing different GUI controls, including Label, TextBox, Button, CheckBox, RadioButton, Menu

* Verifying test results



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