Description: Build next-generation Java-based Web applications using Struts and the comprehensive information contained in this authoritative volume. Written by James Holmes, a committer on the Struts project, and fully updated to include the latest features of Struts 1.3, Struts: The Complete Reference is really three books in one: an in-depth tutorial, a broad reference, and an advanced developer's guide.

Learn to write high-performance Struts applications and internationalize, test, and secure them. Plus, get in-depth coverage of Tiles, Validator, the Struts tag libraries, the Struts configuration files, and AJAX. Throughout, you'll find real-world examples, cutting-edge techniques, and insider tricks that will make your Struts applications sizzle.

* Download, install, and configure the Struts framework
* Streamline application logic using the Model-View-Controller architecture
* Enhance JSP development using the Tiles templating library
* Configure and use the built-in declarative exception handler
* Understand Struts' chain-based request processing engine
* Simplify programming using the HTML, Bean, Logic, and Nested Tag Libraries
* Use the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
* Work with the Struts, Tiles, and Validator configuration files
* Secure your Struts applications
* Perform a variety of unit tests on Struts applications
* Use AJAX with Struts
* Work with the newest 1.3 features, including scripting and Struts-Face



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